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Medicinal Low Density Polyethylene Film, Bag

Pharmaceutical low density polyethylene bag is a kind of packaging material made of polyethylene particles in a clean environment by blowing film, cutting, heat sealing, vacuum packaging and other processes.
The products comply with the national standard for pharmaceutical packaging materials YBB00072005-2015, and are widely used in pharmaceutical and medical fields such as raw materials and preparations.
The company can customize various types of packaging according to customer requirements, such as round bottom bag, square bottom bag, cone bottom bag, etc.


Product characteristics:

Sealed, waterproof and dust-proof, excellent tear strength, strong back cover strength.

Product advantage:

Strictly implement Chinese GMP standard and ISO15378 standard to operate quality control system.

Customization service is our core competitiveness, we can customize food grade, pharmaceutical grade, pharmaceutical dust-free grade, pharmaceutical sterile grade and other levels and specifications of products.

The A-level B-level production environment in line with the new GMP standard is more conducive to product quality control.




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