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Medical Aluminum Plastic Cover Processing Precautions

图片压缩_25.jpg1. Pharmaceutical aluminum plastic cover should be non-toxic, oil resistance, water resistance, good corrosion resistance and light resistance, after 120 degrees of high temperature steam disinfection for 30 minutes (or 130 degrees of high temperature steam disinfection for 5 minutes) does not deform, does not fade, and has good secondary thermal bonding properties of materials, usually polypropylene.

2. Aluminum alloy material should be selected for medicinal aluminum-plastic cover, and it must be cleaned after stamping, in order to remove the lubricating oil and dust coated on the aluminum during the stamping process. Even if the lid has been anodized, it should be cleaned and dried with ionized water after entering the factory, and then enter the purification room through the conveying mechanism. Medicinal aluminum-plastic cover after injection molding machine molding temperature is high, generally do not clean, directly through the conveying mechanism into the purification room. What is emphasized here is that the cleaned aluminum cap and the injection molded plastic cap, from entering the purification room until the molding into the packing box, should not be touched by hand during the whole process to prevent contamination.

3. The cleaned medicinal aluminum-plastic cover, after entering the purification room, during the forming process of the medicinal aluminum-plastic cover, the production equipment, where the part that is in direct contact with the aluminum cover or the plastic cover, should be made of stainless steel material that is easy to clean, non-toxic and pollution-free.

4. In the stamping process, such as the use of broken point or scoring type, the size of the break point and the depth of the scoring should be checked to ensure the stability of the tearing force.

5. In the anodizing process of the medicinal aluminum-plastic cover, it should be noted that if the pickling treatment time of the aluminum cover is too long, the thickness of the medicinal aluminum-plastic cover will be thinner, the strength will be reduced, and the cover can not be used.

The medicinal aluminum-plastic cap processed according to the above process, when entering the pharmaceutical factory to seal the bottle, generally no longer need to clean, as long as it is disinfected. The process of not cleaning the aluminum cover after stamping, and then cleaning it after combining with the plastic cover or transferring it to the pharmaceutical factory is inappropriate, because the combination of the aluminum cover and the plastic cover are tightly pressed together, and can not be cleaned, at the same time, there will be moisture or dirt between the plastic cover and the aluminum cover, dry treatment is not easy to volatilize and clean, and the washing is not clean, and it will leave a stain after drying.



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